About South-Western Edoid Multicultural Institute

South-Western Edoid Multicultural Services is an affiliate of Akpo re Ufuoma Development Initiative. South-Western Edoid handles the multicultural services of the organization. Our focus here is on the communities of the South-Western Edoid sub-group of the Niger-Congo linguistic family of Nigeria. These communities are found in Delta state. They speak the five languages, Ẹrohwa, Isoko, Okpẹ, Urhobo and Uvwiẹ. The culture (languages, traditional religions, food, clothing and other practices) of these peoples are very similar. South-Western Edoid Multicultural Services documents the endangered languages and cultural heritage of these communities and archives them at its Institute. South-Western Edoid Multicultural Institute has staff members who are linguists and scholars who also provide training to community members to enable as much documentation efforts as possible. This is meant to help check the rate of endangerment of indigenous Cultural Heritage .

Documenting the Endangered Traditional Broom and Fibre Rope Crafts of the Urhobo People of Nigeria

Julius Arerierian, our affiliate researcher is conducting fieldwork at Eghwu-Urhobo to Document the Endangered Traditional Broom and Fibre Rope Crafts of the Urhobo People. The project is funded by Arcadia Fund through The British Museum’s Endangered Material Knowledge Programme. Collaborators in the research include Akpobọmẹ Diffrẹ-Odiete, Augustine Ọmọhwo and Ọghẹnẹnyẹrhovwo Odogun. Other research assistants from the Institute are with them at various capacities.

Julius Arerieria, Florence Eregare, Ememerhaghwara Eyakenaoma, Ogheneruemu Cousin, Julie Anigboro and Ruth Abeyomare, researcher and consultants for the project

Urhobo fibre rope